What I’m doing now

Today, 23rd of December 2016:
Instead of having an about me site it's much more fun to see what's up now. Inspired by a cool guy called Derek Sivers (sivers.org) who started this idea (see my little page there) I'm updating my about NOW here regularly:This is what I'm working on right NOW:
I'm living in the beautiful city Copenhagen and working at Satair Group which is a subsidiary of Airbus. I'm involved in several digitalization projects and trying to apply the agile and sharing way of working in a team to get to a prototypes in short time. I'm experimenting with predictive analytics and learned a lot about R in a two day Hackathon in Toulouse not long ago. I'm also studying the courses mostly from Rafal Lukawiecki @ projectbotticelli.com about Machine Learning and Data Science.
Besides that I'm enjoying listening to the famous podcasts from Tim Ferriss (fourhourworkweek.com/podcast) whenever I'm commuting or traveling. It's so much fun, I recommend it a lot! His book four hour work week was kind of a game changer for me, since then I'm listening to lots of books on audible.com or reading them on my Kindle based on the recommendations in there.
I have some ideas for next year planed, but let me update on this later.